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IUCN Coral Specialist Group

The IUCN Coral Specialist Group brings together leading scientists, practitioners and conservationists under the Species Survival Commission of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. Reflecting the vast diversity of coral reefs, their importance to people in so many ways and the imminent threat to their very existence from climate change and human uses, the group has a broad ecosystem and conservation focus. Our combined knowledge contributes to inform society and policy makers to take science based action. Activities and projects of the Specialist Group are presented under the Projects tab, and see our social media page for ongoing updates.

Key members of the Coral Specialist Group:

David Obura, Chair, CORDIO East Africa –
Beth Polidoro, Red List Authority, Arizona State University
List of members

Key institutions and links:

Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network
International Coral Reef Initiative
Species survival commission
International Coral Reef Society
IUCN Red List of species
IUCN Marine and Polar Programme (coral reefs)